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You may not take our Zen Car vehicles outside Belgian territory. You will be liable for a penalty of at least EUR150.00 as well as the costs of repatriating the vehicle if you do so.




You will not be invoiced for a cancellation up to one hour before departure; an invoice will be issued once this limit has been passed.



Our penalties




Replacement of a Zen Car card

10,00 €

Vehicle not charged

50,00 €

Unauthorized travel abroad

150,00 €

Hire of additional cable/monthly fee

15,00 €

Lateness (over 10 min)

EUR 10.00 + hour(s) of additional hire


Free up to one hour before departure – otherwise invoiced

Vehicle left open at the end of reservation

50,00 €

Booking made for the user by the Zen Car services

2,50 €


Additional cleaning due to the vehicle being handed back in a dirty state

50,00 €

A particular case possibly constituting a criminal offence

150,00 €

Vehicle poorly parked or returned to the incorrect station

50,00 €


Cost price

Recovery (user at fault)

Cost price

Administrative costs

Processing of penalties

15,00 €

Claims handling

25,00 €

Dealing with recovery/impoundment

25,00 €

Dealing with the loss/theft of vehicle documents

25,00 €


Civil liability own risk

500,00 €

Own risk in the event of an accident

890,00 €


Loss of or damage to vehicle charging cable

465,00 €

Loss/theft of Interparking card

50,00 €

Loss of vehicle documents (log book, green card, etc.)

150,00 €

Loss of the barrier key

25,00 €

Loss or theft of vehicle keys

Manufacturer’s catalogue price

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Good to know


Every Zen Car station is fitted with an electric charging terminal where you can plug in your Zen Car. While in possession of your Zen Car, you can also recharge it by plugging it into a domestic socket (220v).


We provide the electricity for all our vehicles, but you need to pay for the petrol for the BMW i3 with the Range-Extender (REX) technology. Please only use SP 95.


Mileage is unlimited, within the time constraints defined by your reservation (and your vehicle’s autonomy).


Each vehicle has comprehensive insurance with an own risk of EUR 890.00. This means that our insurance covers any accident provided the Zen Car driver is not at fault. If on the other hand, he is held liable, he will be invoiced for the amount of the repairs up to a maximum of EUR 890.00. The driver will also be charged for an own risk under civil law of EUR 500.00 in the event of a claim for which he is at fault whereby damage was caused to a third party.


Zen Car provides you with the electricity, the vehicle and the parking space but Zen Car also expects you to pay any fines incurred if you don’t observe the Highway Code during the time you are out and about in your Zen Car. You will also be expected to pay any processing fees incurred. In other words, it’s always better to drive zen…!


Your autonomy can vary depending on the vehicle, the weather conditions and your driving style. Always check the Autonomy of your vehicle before you set off. We guarantee a minimum of 40% autonomy at the start of the rental period. More information on the autonomy of Zen Car vehicles!