Zen Car in question

Discover car-sharing with Zen Car and make the most of the car
with all its advantages, and none of its disadvantages.

The Zen Car concept

The principle is simple, it’s what we’re all about: zero emission zero noise.
Like a new definition of zen at the very heart of Brussels.

Zero noise, zero emission

A small revolution inside and out, indeed, the electric car doesn’t contribute to car pollution or noise pollution. It’s a means of getting around more calmly thanks to a smooth and silent drive for you and the others. The zen begins when you shut the door.

A fleet, a community

The Zen Car map is more than a simple subscription; it’s what being a member is all about.
By signing up you are joining a community of individuals linked to one another by a fleet of electric vehicles that they all share.

A new consumption pattern

People no longer purchase their car, they hire it when they need it, and it can be used by someone else when you’re not using it. Simple, zen and socially aware.

Simple and practical

The Zen Car pact has three aspects to it: become a member, reserve a car and bring it back once you’ve finished with it. If you purchase a prepaid pack, the subscription fees are waived and the Zen Car user credits are up to 20% cheaper.

In short, Zen Car is:

An easy way of reducing your car budget (+/- 4500€/year)

The best way to make your peace with mobility in town: more parking, less pollution

Can be perfectly combined with public transport

A great way of giving some air back to the city.










The advantages of car-sharing

Rental 120% tax deductible

Insurance & maintenance included

Electricity provided

Free parking on public roads (green and blue zones)

Free parking in partner Interparkings

A multi-brand range to meet everyone’s needs

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What people are saying about us

I have chosen not to have a car for the past three years, now I use a combination of Villo, STIB and Zen Car, it’s a perfect mobility solution, practical and relaxed. My relationship with the city has improved; it’s more convivial and interactive.

Regular user

I have been a client for over two years. I’m very happy with your company and the Zen Car personnel.

Regular user

Zen Car lets me be mobile and flexible without all the hassle. It's always ready to go with plenty of locations to choose from and you never have to worry about parking. The cars are great and driving electric is an experience and pure pleasure in itself.

John Billow
Regular User

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